Poona act to Poona pact

(Act) ……

Ambedkar wanted that the untouchables should be their candidates and their constituencies, otherwise they would never be represented in any Parliament.
In India, a cobbler is untouchable.
Who will vote for a cobbler?
Who is going to vote for him?
Ambedkar was absolutely right. A quarter of the country is untouchable, they are not allowed to go to schools, other students are not ready to sit with them, no teacher is ready to teach them, the government says that government schools are open, but In reality, one untouchable student enters the class, then all thirty students are ready to leave the class. The teacher leaves the class, then how do these poor people of this country There are a quarter part – being represented?
Therefore, they should be given separate constituencies.
Where only they can stand and only they can vote.
Ambedkar was completely logical and completely humanist. But Gandhi went on hunger strike, “he said that Ambedkar is trying to create a division within Hindu society.” Partition has existed for ten thousand years, this is the reason that poor Ambedkar was not creating division, he was just saying that thousands of years have been tortured on the aggregate people of the country. Now at least give them a chance to bring themselves. At least in the assemblies, in the Parliament
Give voice to their problems.
(Pact) –
But Gandhi said, “As long as I am alive, I can not allow it.” He said that he is a part of the Hindu society, so the untouchables can not demand a separate voting system, and Gandhi went on fasting.
Ambedkar remained reluctant for twenty-one days, but every day the pressure of the whole country was coming to him. And he was feeling that if the old man dies then great bloodshed will begin. If Gandhi dies, then this
It was clear – Ambedkar will be killed immediately and lakhs of untouchables will be killed all over the country, because it will be believed that this is due to you.
Ambedkar was explained to all the mathematics that “more
There is no time, he can not survive for more than three days, everything is coming out in a few days “Ambedkar was hesitant. Ambedkar was absolutely right, Gandhi was completely wrong
Was, but what was to be done? Did they want to take risk?
Ambedkar was not worried about his life, he said
No matter if they were killed – but they were worried about millions of poor people who were also
Did not know what the hell was going on. Their houses would be burned, with their women
Rape will be done, their children will be ruthlessly bitten. And everything that has never happened before.
After all, he accepted the conditions of Gandhi, went to Ambedkar Gandhi, who had taken breakfast in his hand, he said that I accept your conditions. We will not ask for a separate vote or separate candidates,
Accept the juice of this orange “and Gandhi accepted the orange juice. But this orange juice, in fact, this glass of orange
Blood was mixed with millions of people in juice.
I got personally from Dr. Ambedkar, surely Dr. Ambedkar was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. But I told him that I think that “you proved to be weak.
Ambedkar said that you do not understand, I was right and this thing
I knew that Gandhi was wrong, but what could be done with that stubborn old man? He was going to die, and if he had died I would have died
Considered to be responsible, and the untouchables have to face a big problem.

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